Beautiful Hair and beauty Tips are Essential for our daily life. You want to look like a diva on your next big event but worried if your hair will behave?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Some days you wake up to luscious locks and other times you struggle to get the tangles out. Whatever your hair texture is, maintaining a healthy mane on your head is a real struggle.

Beauty tips are essential for maintaining our beautiful health and hair. Hair styling can be a tricky business but for a beautiful hairstyle, the first thing you need is HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL HAIR.


We have handpicked some of the best tips to help you get gorgeous hair that is easier to style anytime.

 The FIRST RULE of hair care is to be consistent in what you are doing.

Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Right?

Don’t let the excessively extensive routines on the internet overwhelm you. You can achieve the optimum results just by following a simple routine and making a few changes in your lifestyle using beauty tips.

Food for Hair

A balanced diet rich with nutrients and vitamins is what you need to get healthy hair. We will not bore you with details. Here’s what you need and why:

Eggs Protein, Biotin, Zinc Promote Hair Growth
Fish Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improve Hair Growth
Spinach Folate, Iron, Vit. A & C Healthy Scalp and Hair
Avocado Vit E, Antioxidants Improve Hair Growth
Nuts Fatty Acids, Vit A, B, E Promote Hair Growth
Berries Antioxidants, Vit. C StrengthenHair

Before The Shower

When it comes to hair health, OILING is your best friend. A few minutes of oil massage before you wash your hair, will give your hair life of their own.

Choose the oil suited for your hair type and concerns. Here is a list of some of the best choices you have:

  • Argan oil is great for dry and frizzy hair.
  • Macadamia Oil is beneficial for damaged hair.
  • Almond Oil is great for hair fall.
  • Castor Oil promotes hair growth
  • Coconut Oil is an all-rounder and therefore is your best choice no matter what hair type or concern you have.

Tip: Wrap a hot towel after oiling, the steam will open the pores and let your scalp in all the goodness of oil.

In The Shower


Use these tips while taking a shower and you will get the smoothest, silkiest hair every time:

  • Choose Silicon-free hair products. Always read the ingredients before buying your Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • To avoid oily and itchy scalp, use a Clarifying Shampoo once a week, and rinse your hair Apple Cider Vinegar after each wash.
  • To avoid over-washing your hair, wash with conditioner to freshen up your hair between shampooing.
  • Use a quick working hair mask while you are in the shower.

After The Shower


We bet you will never hate detangling, brushing and styling your hair after these tips:

  • Use a detangling spray before brushing your hair. Don’t have one? Here’s a quick recipe for you.
  • Mix two tablespoon of Argan Oil add distilled water and voila, your home-made detangling spray is ready.
  • Let your hair air dry as often as you can. Instead of rubbing with a towel, use an old t-shirt to dry and wrap around your hair.
  • Use a few drops of Argan Oil to control frizz. Keep it in a small bottle in your purse to giving your hair touch up every now and then.
  • Always use a hair protectant before using styling tools. Choose wisely and invest in efficient hair tools that will save you time and won’t damage your hair unnecessarily.
  • Between washes, use a dry shampoo to giving your hair a perfect look.

Weekly Hair Treatment

Identify your hair problems and use natural products to treat them. We have a few recipes for amazing hair masks for you, right out of Grandma’s diary.

Egg, Olive Oil & Yogurt Mask

For beauty tips Mix one egg with half a cup of yogurt and a few spoons of Olive Oil. Apply on scalp and hair, and leave for at least twenty minutes. Wash and condition as usual. These types of the mask will improve your hair growth and health.

Banana, Oil & Honey Mask

Blend one ripe banana, four tablespoon olive oil, and two tablespoon honey. Apply on hair and scalp. Leave on for twenty minutes. Wash and dry as usual and you will have most lustrous shiny hair.

We hope you will give these tips a try. Just remember to be consistent in what you do and you will have never had a bad hair day again.

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