Beauty tips are very important to maintain the glorious skin. Who does not want a flawless skin with a beautiful glow?

But who has time for indulging in long beauty routines every day!

Not us. And we bet NOT YOU.

“Somehow, things are always rushing in the day. I have hoarded on all the latest skincare and makeup products in the market but I hardly ever use them consistently. Even after spending so much money in cosmetics shops, and spending time watching tutorials, I still cannot get the flawless makeup look.”

Catherine Pickett


If you are anyone like Catherine, you have come to the right place.

To get the best solution for your problem, we sat down and talked to our favorite makeup DIVAS. What we figured is in addition to all the tutorials you watch, which helps in getting the perfect look are some simple tips and tricks.

We collected the best beauty tips for skincare and makeup and tricks for you from those who are best in the art.

  1. Dead skin is your worst enemy. EXFOLIATE once a week with a gentle scrub to remove the layer of dead skin.
  2. Open pores on your nose but dry skin on your cheeks? MULTI-MASK with a Charcoal Mask for your T-zone and a Hydrating Mask for your cheeks.
  3. Treat puffy eyes and open pores with a quick ice-cube massage or a few splashes of ice-cold water.
  4. Start with a clean slate. SHAVE. Yes, Ladies. Dry shave your face with a face razor before applying makeup. This will not only remove the peach-fuzz but will also exfoliate your skin, giving you the glow you always wanted. It’s one kind of better for beauty tips.
  5. PRIME your skin with a primer suited for your specific skin concerns. Priming is very important for a smooth application of makeup.
  6. Get the glowing skin of your dreams by adding a few moisturizers, a little bit of shimmer powder in your foundation. This will make your foundation sheer and give you skin a NATURAL GLOW. You can make some more and store it in an airtight container to save time.
  7.  Go EASY ON THE CONCEALER. Use a sheer layer to even for a more natural look.
  8. Fill your brows using a Brow Pencil or Pomade. FULLER BROWS are the new trend and they make your face look younger. Tame those brows using hair spray with a toothbrush.
  9. Always WIPE YOUR MASCARA WAND with a tissue before applying it to your lashes. That will remove excess product from the wand and help you avoid clumps.
  10. SCRUB YOUR LIPS with a simple DIY recipe or your trusted toothbrush. This is a very important step and makes a lot of difference in your lipstick application. After scrubbing apply moisturizer.
  11.  Need to MATTE YOUR LIPSTICK. Place a tissue paper on your lips and put some powder on it with a big brush. It will make any lipstick look matte. Add another coat and repeat for longer-lasting lip color.
  12.  Fake a NOSE JOB by applying bronzer. Use bronzer to CONTOUR your cheekbones and jawlines.
  13.  Use a HIGHLIGHTER to give your skin a luminous glow.
  14.  After applying your makeup, use a FIXER SPRAY to make it stay on longer.
  15. Throughout the day, keep freshening up your look with a FACIAL MIST.

We hope these beauty tips will help you get your desired makeup look.

Those beauty tips are very important to us. Always go for a natural and glowy look for the daytime. It is trendy and less likely to get messy. You can amp it makes it dramatic for an evening event by adding a pop of color to your eyes or lips.

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