10 Best smart home systems and devices are popular in the world.  When everyone has their hands on technology it is no wonder that Smart Homes are becoming a new trend. A smart home set up lets various smart home devices working in a home to be interconnected and working under one smart home system. The system can then be remotely accessed by the homeowner through smartphones or smart home apps.

Yes, it exactly means what you think it does. You can command all the systems in your house sitting anywhere in the world. Whether it’s your thermostat, irrigation, or electricity connections you control them automatically. From simplest tasks like controlling your grill, switching lights on and off, vacuuming your house to controlling intricate systems inside your house, these Smart Home Systems and Smart Home Devices can make your life easier and efficient.

The good news is this Home Automation Technology is improving every day. The latest systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are using Artificial Intelligence to humanize their inventions. The technology market is bringing in new products every time. In this article, we have made a list of some of the best Smart Home System and Smart Home Devices to help you in making a perfect choice.

Best Smart Home Systems


We looked at a lot of automation home systems and devices in the market and picked the best ones for you. To choose the best ones we looked at their features, performance, ease of use and most importantly their ability to integrate with smart home devices.

1. Amazon Alexa

Don’t be surprised if you see Alexa on top of every smart technology list. This virtual assistant is popular for its artificial intelligence hence humanizing your experience. You can command Alexa and control all the systems in your house like your security cameras, light switches, cooking ranges, thermostat, entertainment systems and even locking and unlocking your doors.


What makes Alexa your best choice is the fact that it can integrate with Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Fire Tablets and millions of other third-party devices and popular apps. With its popularity increasing every moment, a lot of big companies like Samsung, Philips, and Nest are now making devices that work with Alexa.

2. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a common and famous home systems and devices. Google Assistant is another virtual technology with Artificial Intelligence like Alexa easily accessible by even your smartphones. Some reviewers claim that Google Assistant is smarter than Alexa on some levels of understanding human commands.


You can command your coffee maker, music system, vacuum cleaner, and lights and control your home security, and cooling and heating systems.

Although Google Assistant does not integrate with as many devices and apps as Alexa it partners with some of the popular brands like Philips, Sony, Toshiba and many more.

3. Wink Hub 2

Another home systems and devices are Wink Hub 2. This is an advanced and more sophisticated version of Wink Hub. It allows you to connect to lights, power, and security systems by using one smart app. Wink Hub 2 is increasing the range of home protocols and devices that it supports. This lets you do almost everything by using it’s very simple and easy to use the app.


You can enjoy most features that are offered by Alexa or Google Assistant when using Wink Hub 2. However, your choice of devices will be greatly limited.

4. Samsung Smart Things Hub

Smart Thing is an all-rounder in home automation technology. Its mobile app lets you control all the devices and appliances linked to it. Smart Things support almost everything including Google Assistant, Alexa, and their respective Voice Assistants. The only reason we didn’t place Small Things higher is that they do not partner with some native brands.


Smart Things also connects with and controls a wide range of sophisticated smart home devices created by Samsung. The Hub coupled with its smart home devices helps you in making the smart home of your dreams.

5. Ring Alarm System

You must be wondering why an alarm system made to our list of smart home systems. This is because Ring has to offer the best security system that covers each aspect of your house. Sometimes just having security cameras or burglar alarm is not enough. This is where the Ring Alarm System comes in.


 The system comes with three kits depending on the size of your house. They offer a wide range of specialized products and exclusive accessories like panic buttons, siren, flood and freeze sensors, motion sensors, and smoke and CO listeners. Nothing is smarter than a smart home with the smartest security.

Best Smart Home Devices

Once you have selected your smart home system, the next task is to choose your smart home devices. While looking for the best smart home devices in the market, you must consider their features, efficiency, simplicity of usage and integration and connectivity with smart home systems and devices, hubs.


We have accumulated a list of some of the best devices in the market.

1. Smart Hub

To connect all the smart home devices in your house you need a hub. There are many in the market like Amazon Echo, Samsung Small Things Hub and Connect Hub. But our favorite is the Amazon Echo Plus. 


Echo Plus has a built-in Zigbee that enables us to connect and integrate with all the smart home devices in your home. The device lets you connect to all rooms of the house through a built-in intercom. It lets you control the power, temperature and security devices of your house conveniently through your phone or app or by commanding its voice assistant Alexa.

2. Smart Locks


Smart technology focuses a lot on security. There are a lot of security devices like August Locks, Nest x Yale Locks that are compatible with smart home systems that can make your house a safer place. Our favorite, however, is Ring Video Doorbell. This is not your regular doorbell. The doorbell captures real-time videos and uses a built-in microphone and speaker to allow two-way communication. It uses motor detection to sense that someone is in the zone, and sends you instant notifications. The device can connect with Amazon Alexa which makes it convenient to use.

3. Smart Lights


The latest smart lights in the market are using more sophisticated technologies to enhance the experience. They connect with your smart system allowing you to control with voice commands or smartphone apps. Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs let you control the light settings, you can put timers and change hues according to your routine.

So you can wake up to the perfect light dimmed or brightened to your mood.

4. Smart Kitchen


Kitchen is one kind of smart home systems and devices Who wants to cook after coming home from a tiring day? The good news is you can Anova Precision Cooker will cook for you. This smart kitchen device can take command and start cooking even before you reach home. All you need is some water and a bag to seal in your food. The Cooker attaches to any pot and can then be controlled manually or remotely through a smartphone app. The bonus point is its dishwasher friendly. What more can one expect from a smart home device?

5. Smart Thermostat

Probably the most important feature of a smart home is it being energy efficient. Smart thermostats help you in controlling the temperature of your house remotely. Out of many smart thermostats we chose Nest Learning Thermostat for a few reasons. It uses its advanced technology to control the temperature in each room individually. The Energy Star Certified thermostat uses six sensors per thermostat and is smart enough to identify and then work around your temperature preferences.


With the amazingly advanced and surprisingly sophisticated technology, building a smart is not a dream anymore. By choosing the best smart home system and integrating it with the best smart home devices, you can make this dream come true.

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