Modern innovative technology is the biggest technology in the world. Before the bell rings, we love to come up with top lists for the year. The best innovative technologies have not been left out. It’s quite difficult to foretell the future of certain technologies, as many of these techs. Don’t appear in a day and it takes a while to be tested and used by consumers. 

There are lots of mind-blowing technologies that are likely to transform the way we live anytime soon. According to reports, each technology has been identified as having the ability to be revolutionary, shaking up global industries.

While there is news of how technologies like robot assistants, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are set to set to reconstruct our everyday lives. This coming change may look fuzzy, nebulous and difficult to comprehend. 

In this list, experts seek to pinpoint the breakthrough that stands the test of time. Making a tremendous impact in our various lives and business around the globe.

1. Blockchain

Today, blockchain is the one kind of modern innovative technology. It has been the safest and secure way to run transactions across the web. No doubt, many organizations, and industries are exploring and implementing blockchain technology. For some reason, the cryptocurrency transaction has been an integral part of the online business platform.


In the nearest future, blockchain technology will serve as an integral part of business innovation. Ingrained in our various businesses, industries, thereby transforming various businesses around the world.

2. Serverless Computing

This emerging technology allows developers around the world. To develop apps easier and faster without the need for infrastructure. Serverless is innovative technology that emerges this year among the top innovative technology, along with robot assistants.


Organizations that adopted serverless computing are experiencing a tremendous increase in agility. Cost minimization, and operational efficiency. According to reports, it was predicted that serverless technology will become a great source of data breaches in 2020. 

3. Voice Assistants

Earlier this year, voice assistant was listed among the top fastest modern technology making a significant impact across the globe. In five years, there would be a sporadic increase in the percentage of American households using this device. And this has been in effect as many American citizens are using voice assistants like an Apple Home pod or Amazon Echo. 


A voice assistant is a modern innovative technology of its kind making a tremendous impact globally. According to researchers, this technology will make communication much better in voice than text.

4. Driverless Vehicles

Driverless technology is evolving unlike tesla, Volvo and general motors which have semi-autonomous vehicles. It was announced that a car with no steering, pedals or wheels will be launched this year.


 Uber is already at the forefront fuelling the innovation of flying cars, these would surely change the way we travel in the coming years. They have also teamed up with NASA to develop a prototype to launch a beta program next year.

5. Robot Assistants

 There is the most famous innovative technology is the robot assistant. Major firms like Boston Dynamics have already built many robot assistants that will be used at all levels. The capacity either in the factory or on the battlefield.


 The company started progressively as part of MIT and it engineered the innovation of high tech robots that are 100% independent. Effective Knight’s scope, a robot tech company, has started developing robot assistants for security applications. This robot features four intelligent cameras that can detect 300 license plates per minute. These robot assistants can also capture suspicious activities, networks, and signals operated by hackers.

6. Augmented and Mixed Reality

Augmented and mixed reality has always emerged among the top modern technology and will continue to be at the forefront. AR and MR have been on the increase in becoming a significant tool in industries.


An engineering firm, space explorations, etc. In 2020, AR and MR Technology will change how people work through innovative industrial applications.

7. Regenerative Medicine

As simple as it may sound, Doctors have started manufacturing ‘build in’ body parts. To start with, doctors scrape of all the cells in the body and grow them in a Petra dish. In a short time, these body parts grow strong and matured enough to be implanted in a human. In the nearest future, this innovative technology will increase sporadically, thereby providing patients with replaced organs.


8. Crispr

CRISPR CAS-9 is a gene-splicing technology with the ability to replace mutated sections of DNA. Once its eliminated, then it is replaced with non-mutated variants. This technology has eliminated cancer in some patients in the past. And reports show that it will be used to eliminate genetic blindness by 2020.


9. Reusable Rockets

Reusable rockets: One of the most expensive parts of space invention. These rockets are so powerful and capable of moving thousands of equipment into space. The fact is, we’ve figured out how to land rockets both large and small which helps minimize the cost of space travel.


10. Cryptocurrency

Earlier this year, there was a spontaneous increase in the value of cryptocurrency. At a time, bitcoin experienced a huge increase in its value, above 10,000$. While there is a major setback in the crypto market. Cryptocurrency is still worth a thousand dollars. As controversial as it is, cryptocurrency remains the major mainstream. Some of the biggest brands, industries, and investors are transacting with bitcoins. This is just the starting point of a crypto boom.


Platforms like trust token and hybrid are designed to offer crypto enthusiasts a giant step in accessing silo-trading thereby helping the industry expand to a new level.

11. 5G

Recently 5G is ultra-modern innovative technology in the world. Major telecommunications companies started unleashing the 5G network earlier this year. 5G network offers fast connectivity at lower latencies and low power consumption. This implies that mobile connectivity will fuel innovation in homes, healthcare, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of things, etc.


As this technology launches out fully in the nearest future. It will fuel the evolution of more complex apps to solve complex, technical and mind-blowing problems across the world. This will open up many business opportunities across the globe.

12. Quantum Computing

The conventional computer uses 0 and 1 to disseminate ideas and information. Today, our computers have great potential features and capacities. However, they are still limited in some aspects, making it quite challenging to solve complex issues with machine learning. 


Quantum computers are quite dependent on bits. These quantum bits are used to ideas. These bits exist in a state that makes it possible to process complex datasets easily than traditional computers. Therefore, quantum computing is among the top innovative technology that helps in producing effective machine learning breakthroughs used in solving technical impossible problems.

13. Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Today, with the help of AI automation many big brands and companies can serve their customers effectively and also reduce cost. A brand like big-box uses this technology to simplify their products. Social media use automation to schedule posts, moderate comments and customer queries. While credit card companies use this to detect fraud. 


For instance, the synapse is developing a network technology that allows individuals to add. React and respond to AI and their learning models. The results are quite impressive because a new AI would make a tremendous impact on various business and learning models around the world.

14. Biometrics

Biometrics such as the face, retina scans, fingerprints are becoming an integral method for accessing, facilitating and verifying our identity. These procedures will help secure a strong foundation for solutions delivered by IT companies moving at the speed of light.


15. 3D Printing


As we all know, 3D printing is an ultra-modern in the manufacturing and production industry. 3D printing is a revolutionary, neoteric and radical tool in digital technology. With just a 3D printer, it can metamorphose, remodel and modify. A non-realistic design file into a complete physical object. As more products become available, they will be a spontaneous increase in the use of this technology.

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